Bribie Island Country Music Club

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If you need help with this, just ask!

1,2,3,4. As the band requires five (5) sheets & one for yourself, ensure these are identical.          
   The easiest way is to photocopy the original sheet!!!

5.Ensure that the printing font is no smaller than ‘times new roman 12’. This works quite well for     aligning chords with words in ‘word’ and most songs fit onto one page.  Larger font sizes may   
   be used but sometimes at the penalty of requiring two pages. Irrespective of font size, chords
   should be ‘bolded’ so they stand out more.

6.Include key alongside song title.  If a key change is used, include all keys.                            
  This will alert the band to watch out for the key change whilst playing the song.

7.Include an intro. This serves as an aid to starting in the correct tempo and key. This may be
   based on a  ‘turnaround’ from the verse, a single chord or any other desired chord
   progression.  Accompanying chords must be included

8.Ensure that all instrumental breaks also include the chords so that all of the band may be  
   playing the same thing at the same time.  Alternatively, put ‘instrumental break based on
   verse / chorus, etc’ as applicable. If this technique is used, ensure verses and choruses are
   marked as such. Where ‘turnarounds’ are used, ensure chords are included.

9.Include required ending complete with chords and any stops required.

10.If song  sheets are contained within plastic sleeves attempt to use matt finish ones as glossy types tend to reflect lights on stage and may be difficult to read.

11. Come to a practice session if you are not fully confident. (See Event Calendar).

12. When you are ready for an audience come to the Monthly Social and See the walkups co-ordinator at the walk  
      ups board.
13. Remember, onstage, to restrict your solo spots to a maximum of eight minutes total.
 Duos, and performances with more than two, are allowed a total of twelve minutes. This will help make the social run smoothly.

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